Pacific International

Strategic Solutions

We provide strategic solutions to complex global challenges for commercial, and government organizations worldwide. Our strategies, and resources enable customers and partners to chart the best course of action, and deploy appropriate tactical resources to effect positive outcomes.

  • Strategic Concept Development
  • Strategy Plan Development
  • Global Program Expansion
  • Corporate Development
  • Strategic Partnership and Alliances
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Sourcing

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Global Resources

We develop precise tactical plans based on sound intelligence, and incorporate the necessary flexibility required to meet changing conditions. We allocate appropriate resources to ensure operational plan execution necessary to meet customer, and partner mission objectives.

  • Crisis Management and Response
  • Tactical Operations Planning
  • Mission Resources Development
  • Logistics Planning and Support
  • Global Program Management
  • Operational Resources Acquisition

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Risk Management

We assess asymmetrical threats, and vulnerabilities, and analyze risks that are the foundation of our strategy development, operational execution, and risk mitigation programs.  We allocate appropriate tactical resources to assist our clients in achieving objectives while mitigating risks.

  • Risk Avoidance, Reduction or Transfer
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Intelligence and Due Diligence
  • Intellectual Property Investigations
  • Recovery of Intellectual Property and Assets
  • Foreign Litigation Support

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