Pacific International

Corporate Development

Clearly, no single organizational model is applicable to all organizations because opportunities, threats and risks facing each vary, depending on their objectives, competitive environment and avaiable resources.

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
  • Product and Program Development
  • Operational Optimization
  • Commercialization of Intellectual Property
  • Global Opportunity Development
  • Capital formation
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Strategy Solutions

Navigating today's complex global challenges requires strategic solutions developed from sound intelligence, appropriate resources and deliberate execution by experience operators to achieve desired objectives.

  • Define Organization, Mission and Objectives
  • Assess Competitive Challenges
  • Create Fact-based Organizational Strategies
  • Define Organizational Goals
  • Develop Operational Execution Plan
  • Streamline Resources for Better Efficiencies
  • Maximize Operational Performance

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Risk Management

Assessing vulnerabilities and anylizing risk requires experienced intelligence operators with global government and industry resources to effectively assess threats and mitigate risk to your critical infrastructure and assets.

  • Risk Avoidance, Reduction or Transfer
  • Intellectual Property Protection and Recovery
  • International Investigations
  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
  • Asset Tracking and Recovery
  • Intellectual Property Compliance
  • Foreign Litigation Support

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