We provide optic fiber cable, equipment, and related components at substantially lower costs, faster and more dependable delivery to ensure on-time project completion and lower overall project costs.

  • Optical Fiber Cable and ¬†Components
  • High-Density and Submarine Optic Fiber
  • Optic Fiber Master Order Programs

Electric Power

We offer high-voltage electric power cables and related electrical components. We deliver unparalleled value and delivery to ensure on-time project completion and improved profitability.

  • High-voltage Power Lines
  • HV Electric Power and Transmission
  • Hybrid and Submarine Electric Calbe

Electric Vehicle Charging

Our advanced EV charging manufacturers provide vertically integrated all-in-one EV Charging System technologies for  office, retail, hospitality and commercial real estate developers and operators worldwide.

  • EV Chargers and Charging Stations
  • All-in-One EV Charging Solutions
  • Electric Inverters and Storage

Market Opportunities

Our national programs are tailored to our customers to ensure they purchase the right optic fiber cable, electric cable, and vehicle charging systems at the right price, delivered at the right time.

  • Tailored Customer Product Programs
  • Master Order Mater Order Programs
  • Monthly and Quarterly Order Releases