Our Fairchild Aerospace Group designs, develops, and delivers military aircraft to NATO and allied governments with aviation assets that meet their armed forces’ mission- requirements.

  • Tactical and Transport Aircraft
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Space Satellite Optical Earth Imaging


We work closely with senior government officials and defense leaders to develop and deliver armaments that meet their tactical requirements to detect, deter, and defend against national security threats. 

  • Armored Vehicles
  • Artillery and Missie Systems
  • Ammunition


Our companies' contracts include U.S., NATO, and allied governments and their armed forces to develop, deliver, install, and protect critical infrastructure, assets, and personnel worldwide.

  • Secure Communications
  • Energy Power and Transmission
  • Government and Military Facilities

Market Development

We leverage established relationships with senior government and defense leaders to deliver new markets, programs, contracts, and increased revenue for multinational aerospace and defense manufacturers.

  • U.S. Government and Defense
  • NATO Ministries of Defense
  • Allied Foreign Governments