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Global Resources

We provide effective global strategic and tactical resources for corporations, emerging companies, governments, and non-governmental organizations.

Corporate Structure and Formation: We have extesive experience and expertise in multinational corporate development, and government economic incentives on every continent.  We have significant experience in structuring advantageous mergers, acquisitions, and company sale transactions. Our expertise and capital formation resources provide transactional and growth equity and debt capital for our clients.

Trade and Regulatory Advisory: a fact of globalization is the multi-jurisdictional nature of transactions and commerce in general. Our international network understands the numerous conflicts of laws issues and how to resolve them. We understand the application of the many diplomatic tools available, treaty provisions, local laws, and overlapping jurisdictional issues. We guide you through the apparent red tape with a minimum of delay and expense and bring the global world into finer focus in the process.

Intellectual Property Protection: one of our earliest capabilities was in the field of Intellectual Property Protection, whether patent infringement, trademark or copyright, or trade-secret violations. We have recovered millions of dollars of valuable IP in every continent and represented major industry sectors in the doing. Whether you have a trademark to protect in East Asia, or a copyright violation in South America, or a patent matter arising in Europe, we have experience and resources in the field or a trusted and longstanding associate with whom to operate to resolve the issue. We provide a comprehensive service, more economical than those of a traditional law firm, more complete than those of a security or risk management company.


We deliver effective global aerospace solutions for airlines, governments, and militaries worldwide.

Commercial Aircraft:

Our aerospace subsidiary develops and produces FAA-approved commercial aircraft replacement parts for commercial airlines, air cargo companies, and governments. Our proprietary Certified Parts Advantage program offers worldwide long-term purchase contracts with guaranteed on-time parts delivery. This proprietary program substantially lowers aircraft replacement parts costs, lowers aircraft parts inventories, improves cash management, and reduces exorbitant Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG) costs - all of which significantly lowers overall aircraft fleet operating costs.


Aircraft:  We develop and market new and previously-owned tactical, special operations, transport, unmanned and optionally-piloted aircraft, systems, equipment, and replacement aircraft parts with approval of the United States Department of Defence and allied Defence Ministries.

 We deliver where and when others cannot!


With the rapidly changing landscape the best deals are seldom obvious.  Our experience in the industry and our vigilance over current developments and trends provide us with the means to recommend options which are solid and sophisticated.  We offer

In the new global economy, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, both international and domestic, is dominated by automotive matters, whether in transactional matters which have gone awry, or with business torts, personal injury, wrongful death actions.  We have the experience and capability to manage negotiations, alternative dispute resolution and litigation when our clients cannot avoid moving into contentious relationships.  We invite our clients to explore our litigation management strategies with us in the context of their own factual circumstances anywhere on the globe.



The global construction industry faces particularly challenging times since the crisis of 2008 began.  Many projects have been affected, but the press for development continues for those who move forward intelligently and those who are well informed by expertise.  Our industry specialists have the answers, whether the matter at hand involves sales or leases of property or construction contracts, or whether the matter has gone into a contentious stage or litigation, and alternative dispute resolution is required.



In the post 911 era the worlds of industry and government have merged to some extent.  What was once the exclusive province of government, national security services, and the military, have now become corporate responsibility and a without a proper risk management plan, an executive management liability.   Whether anticipating measures in response to disaster or terrorist incident, providing kidnap and ransom insurance for employees or complying with government mandates such as anti-money laundering legislation, corporate global citizens have a lot of obligations facing them.  In such a global climate it is elemental to have guidance and counsel from specialized and experienced attorneys and other specialists.  Our staff has experience derived from senior positions in major intelligence and security governmental civilian organizations, the military and corporate security companies.  Our counsel can provides essential strategic counsel to effectively and efficiently guide our clients through international business transactions, complex regulatory issues, and necessary risk management.



The energy industry is among the most radically changed commercial circumstances of our time.  From the major losses in the automobile industry and the wildly fluctuating price of oil, to the cutting edge technologies which are extracting more from wind and solar power.  New technologies, mining, new minerals to serve the new technologies, all contribute to an entirely changed and often unrecognizable landscape for the energy and related industries.  We encourage our clients to explore with us and learn about our extensive experience and capabilities, from on the site management to major transactional implementation, we have what it takes to drive through the maze in this field.



Our Prestige Biotech Division personal protective products, medical products, and supplies are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, specifications, and testing to meet government and industry regulatory specifications, which include EN 455, EN 374 ASTM D6319, ASTM D5250, F1671, and FDA 510K according to Point-of-Care (POC) end-user requirements. Our medical products distribution includes; government and private hospitals, medical clinics, doctors, laboratories, and industries. Our product quality, value-driven pricing, and dependable on-time delivery Our experts customize products and solutions based on the needs of every market.



From software end user license enforcement through patenting code, from open source issues to reverse engineering, the technology sector is rife with legal contentions.  Whether the matter at hand is tech transfer from institutions of higher learning or patent litigation, our specialists are attuned to the most recent developments and prepared to counsel or contend, as circumstances dictate.  We have managed legal matters in every continent and handled transactional and contentious matters and other legal issues of various sorts for the major players in the technology industry.