We have participated in some of the most important defense and national security programs in the world. We have provided threat and risk assessments, strategic solutions, and tactical resources to protect governments, borders, ports, critical infrastructure, and populations from transnational threats and criminal enterprises across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Asia-Pacific.

Security Center

We are a solutions-based defense and security organization providing a wide range of strategic security consulting and tactical security services to international corporations, governmental agencies, and defense organizations, including many of the world’s most hostile environments.


Our multinational team of experienced international professionals consists of former global defense executives, intelligence, risk management, and military and law enforcement special operations personnel. All of whom are recognized experts in their fields and have diverse international experience in air, land, and sea security operations.


The increase in maritime trade and economic globalization has facilitated the expansion of transnational crime in the piracy and trafficking of drugs, arms, and people. This multi-faceted and complex environment requires maritime-specific security knowledge, resources, and vigilance to thwart terrorist and criminal threats from the air, sea, and national coastlines. 

Coast Patrol Vessel


Our team has worked with Governments and their maritime forces to assess, recommend and acquire patrol vessels tailored to your maritime and border security threats, requirements, and budgets. As a result, we can deliver efficient and effective coastal patrol vessels, weapons, and systems to protect coastal waters, port assets, and border and shoreline security.  


Our international team of experienced military and security professionals has hands-on maritime and border security experience. We have assessed asymmetrical seaborne threats and risks to coastal, port, and national infrastructure, critical assets, and their citizens for U.S. and NATO governments, navies, coast guards, and law enforcement agencies. Our expert threat and risk analysis is the baseline that shapes our defensive strategies, systems, and tactical requirements, which help protect national and regional coasts, ports, and borders.


Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) serve as capabilities and force multipliers with sensors for airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data collection with real-time resource management of historical data for intelligence-based decision making. Our UAV mission-specific payload options range from Medium Altitude Long Endurance ISR UAVs to Border Protection UAVs with high-intensity spotlights and loudspeakers designed to detect transnational terrorists, criminal activity, and illegal entry through national borders.

Our Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs) utilize advanced onboard ISR and target acquisition systems to deliver tactical ordnance payloads that provide targeted strike capability for military and other government agencies.


RWS System

Our international team of former military and special operations personnel work closely with government, military forces, and law enforcement to meet their specific weapons munitions requirements. We develop, produce, and deliver the most accurate and dependable high-performance weapons, munitions, and remote weapons stations for air, land, and sea forces.


We have provided Threat and Vulnerability Assessments for U.S. Navy ports following the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen in October 2000. Later, U.S. Navy contracts followed to develop an integrated and interoperable air, sea, and land security system designed to mitigate asymmetrical threats to U.S. Navy bases in the Mediterranean. These revolutionary integrated and interoperable linked air, sea, and land command and control across multiple stakeholder domains that delivered real-time target acquisition, danger, and destroy decisions.

The most recent integrated and interoperable C4ISR systems provide real-time resource management and intelligence-based decision-making resources from secure live streaming and stored data sent to operators and all need-to-know command and control centers.


Energy security is national security.

Energy Refinery

Our international military and security professionals have extensive experience in security and risk management consulting in the energy sector. 

We provide threat assessments and risk analysis to critical energy infrastructure, including gas and oil exploration, storage facilities, pipelines, refineries, and nuclear and conventional power generating facilities. 

Our threat and risk assessments determine external and internal threats to develop security and risk reduction measures to mitigate security threats to energy infrastructure, assets, and personnel.