Weapons Development


F-16 Aircraft

New joint-venture strategically-located aircraft facility in Europe to cost-effectively provide new F-16 components, systems upgrades, and replacement parts.

  • Landing Gear
  • Brakes
  • Weapons and Munitions


Light Weight Carbon Composite Universal Turret System

New advanced composite gun turret provides exceptional performance and dependability for better accuracy, dependability, and lethality.

  • Advanced carbon composite gun turret
  • Lightweight turret with rigid structures
  • Easily adaptable to air, sea, and ground weapons platforms
  • 12.7mm MA2 to 50mm autocannon mounts

New M-230 Weapons Station for AH-64 Apache – 100% Accuracy Improvement

The AH-64 will remain in service with U.S. and allied countries until 2050. This is an ideal companion upgrade to Lockheed’s AH-64 Apache Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor..

  • Improved accuracy provides the AH-64 with air-to-air attack capability
  • Air-to-air target accuracy expands target capabilities to small drones
  • Originally designed as a suppressive fire weapon for wide-area fire dispersion
  • Our new M-230A1 Weapons Station includes new carbon fiber


Our new weapons meet the demand for lighter, more accurate, and dependable weapons with broader applications across all armed forces.
M3-XL - 12.7mm Lightweight Machine Gun

  • Externally-powered
  • Unmanned, remote capable
  • Ideal for manned turret as a Coaxial Machine Gun
  • Lighter weight for improved RWS system response

M68L -  6.8mm Lightweight Machine Gun

  • 50% lighter than M-240, with better accuracy
  • Simplified mechanical components for better dependability
  • Design reduces extraction loads and power consumption
  • Externally-powered and remote station capable


50mm Ammunition Handling Systems Upgrade

  • Lighter weight with 40% less turret space required
  • 50% less parts for increased dependability and reduced maintenance
  • Multiple configurations 50mm OMFV, 30mm/35mm LYNX, 25mm/30mm
  • Significant upgrade for Bradley and Stryker 30mm ammo handling
  • Easily configurable to any turret

25mm – 30mm – 35mm Ammunition Handling Systems Upgrade

  • More ammunition and more space
  • 40% less turret space required
  • 35% more 30mm ammunitions capacity
  • Reduced size allows our 50mm auto-cannon installation into Bradley Turret
  • Improved Performance on 30mm Stryker or other linked fed systems